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The Studio


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About S&Co.

Stride & Co. is a boutique furniture manufacturing studio established in 2017 by Rory Stride.

The studio produces furniture for interior designers and individual clients alongside an extensive and ever-changing range of Stride & Co furniture.

Stride & Co’s studio is housed in a lovingly-restored grain barn, dated 1881.  The age and integrity of the studio serves as a constant reminder of the importance of appropriate material selection and construction methods in the creation of our furniture.  We aim to make furniture that will have a place in our homes today and in those of future generations. 


Our Story

Rory’s training as a cabinet-maker came by way of an apprenticeship with a local boat builder come furniture designer. He then made the move to London where he worked under the highly respected creatives, Mathew Bray and Matthew Collins, making  furniture for some of the world’s most renowned interior designers.

Rory’s approach to design is not driven by current trends but more inspired by successful pieces of the past, observed and reinvented. Striking a balance between the old and the new is at the centre of Rory’s style.

Rory’s father owns an auction house and from a young age he has been surrounded by aged pieces of furniture, it is this immersion in all things antique that has forged his style. He believes that a remarkable piece of furniture, or interior for that matter, should not shout at the viewer but aim to please through it’s inherent merit and suitability to place.  



World of Interiors: June 2018